Leading a fulfilled life is particularly dependant on personal intuition. The feelings you experience are a good guide and can help you to steer your life onto the right track. Daily rituals, habits and decisions are essential in order to achieve goals and instil life with positivity. The fundamental decisions which first come to my mind relate to fitness, sleep, nutrition and luxuries. Every thought and small decision counts. And so, without knowing it, many decisions are quickly taken which are either beneficial or not. In order to make good decisions, it is important to have many small habits and to adjust these so that synergies are exploited and one's personal energy level curve stays on the up, or at a desirable level. While habits and mental triggers may seem inconspicuous, it is worth paying attention to them! These are the very things which can have a positive influence on your central patterns of behaviour! Perhaps reading this blog may help you to both reflect on your daily decisions and not only rethink these, but rather set them on an optimal trajectory.

Here is an example from my personal morning routine:

It took me a long while to finally bring myself round to taking a cold shower. I simply had no desire to take thirty deep breaths – a technique which would have made it easier to carry out this healthy and motivational morning ritual. The thing which encouraged me to finally make the change was a ten minute jog after getting up in the morning. When jogging one breathes heavily. Oxygen intake increases, you sweat, and the body searches for ways to cool itself down. And so in a relatively short space of time the cold shower became a pleasurable morning ritual.

With a morning and evening routine, as well as planned breaks, positive patterns of behaviour can be cultivated, or rather organised, and the day can become more tranquil. From time to time try practicing some muscle relaxation exercises, either beside or on top of your office chair. Or try breathing deeply and organising your thoughts before you turn to your usual coffee, which could also be replaced with a glass of water.