As an Apple user I find Apple's products to be adequate. This is particularly due to the fact that I prefer to do without those things that are unnecessary, or rather, I like to work in a minimalist fashion.

In the subsequent paragraphs I will succinctly explain why I also cannot do without Office 365 and will illustrate the ways in which I use these programs.

I do not receive daily e-mails from companies containing Microsoft Office files. Nevertheless, every year I receive a number of Word and Excel files and I am pleased that I can edit these in the original programs. I used Microsoft Office during my studies and therefore have plenty of experience.

Anyone who writes a lot will appreciate the spell checker in Word. As an Ipad Pro user I am also able to make notes with the “pencil” and edit texts as needed. “Force of habit” is an expression which can often apply to my approach. I am aware that there are good alternatives out there for prolific writers. However, the free options often lack necessary functions and the fee-based ones exceed my budget.

I use Microsoft Onenote in order to organise my goals. In the last three years the synchronization with phone, tablet and Mac worked without issue (with only very few exceptions). It is highly advantageous to be able to reaffirm my ten most important goals as often as possible with the Apple Pencil. Whether in OneNote or in Word – I have decided to attempt to write as much as possible by hand. This is because I am convinced that this results in the brain being more strongly activated during the writing process. The value of using a variety of colours should also not be underestimated.

Thus far I have been able to do everything with the Office 365 suite. Of course, Office for iOS does not offer the same capabilities as the Windows version. Yet, as I have noted: in practice I have never had problems with Word, OneDrive and OneNote. Automatic formulas (such as wage statements) in Excel have always worked flawlessly. On the other hand, this has not been the case with Outlook.

As a blogger I consider Word to be the best choice. I use WordPress and with a simple plug-in I am able to import Word documents with very little formatting required. As far as I am concerned, Word's formatting is easily recognisable without any need for rectification. The plug-in is called “mammot docx converter”.

For only 6.95 Swiss francs per month you can get the most recent version of Office and can access your programs and files from anywhere. Ever since I purchased 1 TB of additional cloud storage in Office 365, I can access any of my files on any device at any time. YES, when it comes to security I do unfortunately have some concerns, however, the practicality of the software is more important for me. If there are many users in one household (family), it would be financially worthwhile to purchase an Office package.

In a nutshell: for the most part I am satisfied with the Word spell checker. This equally applies to the intuitive interface and reliability of OneNote across several devices. The good news for Apple users: after an update the e-mail application can sometimes “go on strike” for a short or long period of time and Outlook and Apple's e-mail application can cause problems. However, it is rare for hitches to occur in both programs at once. Consequently, it is pleasant to know that there is an alternative in case of emergency.