Series – Tips from the World of Naturopathy

Salads, vegetables, fruit and berries should be carefully and thoroughly washed. The best way to do this is to briefly place them in a salad strainer along with cold diluted vinegar before draining and rinsing two or three times in cold water. Place on a kitchen towel to dry or use this to wipe them down. Vinegar has an antibacterial effect. Cleaning fruit and vegetables in this way removes pesticides and chemical substances. A whitish film will often form on the surface of the water. This consists of substances that have been washed away – ones that in all likelihood no one would want to eat with their meal. This type of cleaning is particularly important when fruit and vegetables are being eaten raw. Add 100 millilitres of vinegar to a bowl of water. Berries can be added with some lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. Always be sure to rinse well and dry.

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