The video script – the most important part of an explainer video. Writing one can be a challenge. This is not least due to the fact that blog articles often go into great detail, while the accompanying videos require some condensing. In some cases it would even be possible to make one blog post into a series of videos.

What should you pay attention to?

Target audience

Blog articles are written with a particular target audience in mind. This should also be the case when writing a video script. For example, the frowner aims to talk to those people who, for whatever reason, wish to make changes in their lives or live more independently. Our society needs more people who get back up after a setback and tackle challenges head on. Our current system endorses conformity and convenience, and is at times inclined towards taking the easier path. For the video team at the frowner, success lies in taking a divergent, sometimes unconventional, yet forward-looking path. We live and breathe resilience. It is perfectly all right to try and fail. Being open to new things and constantly attempting to improve our skills form key parts of our philosophy. In doing so, we concentrate on core issues, both current and future. Discover your own message with our help.

Keep it short and graspable

Often too much information is “packed” into a video in the belief that viewers might not understand certain concepts. This is particularly applicable to videos which have been made to accompany longer blog articles. Admittedly, many people recognise that more detailed blog articles are seen as higher quality and have a significantly higher search engine ranking. Yet an explainer video with a video script which is too detailed can lead to a drop in viewing rates.

Having said that, there is no rule without exception: there are successful long videos (of up to an hour in length) which are enjoyed by many viewers. Take, for example, the popular book summaries which are lengthy and sometimes very elaborately edited.

When planning a video script, it is important to set priorities and concentrate on the key pieces of information.

In a blog article you can easily make connections and directly answer a whole range of questions. This is not the case with a video script, in which information should be presented briefly and succinctly. Less detailed, but informative all the same!

What kind of “Aha!” moment should you strive for? How can you get your key messages across in a less complex way? We endeavour to implement a marketing strategy that is meaningful, yet challenging. A good picture can appear like a mind map. A video should present one or more clear messages in an understandable and effective way.


Simply copy and paste?

It is clear, then, that writing a blog article is different to writing a video script. If your focus is on quality, it is not a good idea to simply copy content from your blog article and paste them into the video script. It is much better to take some time to write and form your script into a condensed version with all of the key points. When doing so, it is important to remember that watching and reading are two different processes. In a video script – as in a blog article – the communication with, and connection to, the audience is paramount.

How do you create a successful video?

  • First of all, telling a story is always a good idea!
  • Basic structure:
  1. Explain the problem and state the subject matter
  2. Solve the problem
  3. Provide the steps that were needed to do so
  4. Conclude
  5. Call to action: provide some first steps and helpful resources:
    • Intro
    • Express complex issues in simpler terms and present the core message
    • Memorable phrase
    • Choose your voice artist
    • Music
    • Outro