Sweet peppers stuffed with vegetables

Why do peppers come in different colours?The colour of the peppers depends on the variety. Initially, chillies are always green. As they ripen, the vegetable acquires yellow, orange, red, or even dark shades, as do the different flavours. Green chilli peppers have a somewhat bitter taste, yellow ones are fruitier, and red ones have an almost sweetish aroma.Their positive effects on the immune system and metabolism are well known, as is their high vitamin C content. Thanks to their low fat, carbohydrate and calorie content, chilli peppers help with weight loss.

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Fresh apple puree with vanilla ice cream made from oat milk

Applesauce can be used to create beautiful desserts. For example, warm apple puree with vanilla ice cream. Vanilla cream or vanilla quark, baked rolled up in puff pastry. Or an apple tiramisu: Cover the bottom of a glass dish with apple puree. Place a layer of ladyfingers on top and cover with vanilla quark whipped cream mixture (vegan). Add another layer of applesauce, then another layer of ladyfingers. Finish with the vanilla quark and whipped cream mixture. Cover and refrigerate at least overnight. Fry almond slivers or slices in a frying pan until golden brown and sprinkle over the top when serving.

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