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Getting back on track after a setback. Learn more about the topics of fitness, nutrition, naturopathy, meditation and mindfulness. A place to reflect on personal visions and goals. 

Personal setbacks, even serious ones, can be a blessing in disguise. There is nearly always a solution or at least the possibility for progress. I have extensively studied the subject of resilience and have had many discussions with specialists in this field.

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Happy Breaking

This is my new tiny habit improver. // ...
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Transforming a blog article into an explainer video

The video script - the most important part of an explainer video. Writing one can be a challenge. This is ...
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Personal “Fitness and Balance” Masterplan (also applicable in times of Covid-19)

Moderation can be exercised in all areas of life. Doing so has a positive effect on all of our senses, ...
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Personal “Vegan Nutrition Masterplan” (derived from a year of nutritional consultation, success and failures)

There are many diets. Provided that you stick to the dietary guidelines, it is possible to implement them and achieve ...
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Cep Mushroom Risotto al Frowner (Vegan)

For 4 servings Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of olive oil 1 onion 200-250g cep mushroom risotto 100ml white wine 700-800ml water ...
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Quick Vegan Apricot Tart

Ingredients 1 packet of spelt cake mix (spelt flour 44%, water, vegetable oil (rapeseed, hydrogenated rapeseed, olive), wholemeal spelt flour ...
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Resilience-centred posts


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Explainer Videos

The smallest houses in Switzerland or "Hüsli" (Tiny Houses)

The smallest houses in Switzerland are located on the Fiechtenstrasse in a place called Huttwil in the canton of Bern...

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