The smallest houses in Switzerland are located on the Fiechtenstrasse in a place called Huttwil in the canton of Bern.

Two years ago, Christine Mumenthaler turned her dream into reality. Together with experts she designed the first ever “Fiechtehüsli” which were christened Anna and Bertha. The base building material used was naturally spruce wood. The popularity of these two tiny houses led to the construction of two more the next year which were given the names Clara and Dora.

The idea for the tiny houses has its origins in the USA where it also first became a trend. However, it is also now well established in Europe. In Switzerland and in Europe in general, building regulations, planning permissions and traffic regulations are more complicated. Although, as the owner happily states, “it was possible to overcome these hurdles”. While many people are fascinated by the idea of taking a break in a house the size of a car park, others do not quite see the appeal.

The Frowner took a short break in order to visit the “Fiechtehüsli”.

Pure relaxation from the moment of arrival

The host’s warm welcome was a positive surprise considering the fact that the guests of all four houses were checking in at the same time. The lovingly designed garden appeared inviting while the well-furnished veranda provided encouragement to stay longer. Christine Mumenthaler has made full use of the limited space available. There is a pleasant, homely atmosphere to the minimalistically designed spaces. The kitchen and dining area do not only live up to aesthetic expectations, they also function without issue. All areas are used optimally and decorated with flair and a fond attention to detail. From tea to herbs and spices to the stocked coffee machine – everything which you might need for a short trip is present. There is even a fast internet connection.

A wooden staircase leads to the bedroom area which despite the low ceiling is flooded with light from the window. The good quality mattress allows a similarly high quality of sleep. The shower, toilet and sink with accompanying mirror cabinet are small but finely made.

It is a good place to live, relax and write. In and around Huttwil there are a diverse range of attractive leisure and sport activities to take part in.

Consequently, it is not possible to complain about claustrophobia, or a lack of storage space or comfort – the following collection of photos give an impression of life in a “Fiechthüsli”:

Huttwil is located approximately 16km from Langenthal, 16km from Sumiswald and 25km from Sursee and can be reached using the cantonal roads. Huttwil is located far from the motorways which makes the location somewhat less attractive. The nearest motorway slip-roads are relatively far away – Sursee, Niederbipp, and Kirchberg are all 25km away, while Dagmersellen is 20km away. The larger German-speaking Swiss cities such as Bern, Lucerne, Zürich and Basel are all a similar distance from Huttwil; the journeys to Lucerne and Bern take approximately 45 minutes, while the journeys to Basel and Zürich take an hour.