We are putting the focus on the “essential and realisable”. Inspire ourselves and the environment.

Promoting a vegan lifestyle improves the quality of life in the long term. More people can be fed. Less farmland, as smaller yields must be spent on farm animals. Water quality improves. Resources generally become more abundant. Diseases of affluence will shrink. Health costs are lower, especially for people of retirement age. Enjoyment does not mean rewarding active leisure activities. Is consuming sweets and food containing bad fat after sports in nature a good idea? Who wants to feel worse after a holiday than before?

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Frowner’s „Essences”

Not only currency differences or price increases can strain all our budgets. Often more can be achieved with selected tools. Operating in fewer areas can be worthwhile. In other words, having a perfect command of the relevant matters can be an advantage. One thus focuses on quality and does without unnecessary additions to external measures. One can pass on one's own experience for the benefit of others, in the best case, even sell it. With strategic organisation, one often recycles altruistically and gifts in many ways.

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