Focal point: water

  • Water is a precious commodity! Yet, neutral water, or tea, is usually drunk too little. So, it would be beneficial to deal with the topic of “water” now and then.
  • Tip: filter and boil the water if possible
  • There are high-quality filter technologies available. Those who can put this in their everyday lives are doing themselves good. Routine and automation can be helpful when reviewed. Behavioural patterns may no longer be current, depending on changing conditions.
  • Despite hectic everyday life, filter water, boil it and buy drinks in glass bottles if possible. Avoid PET as much as possible.

Use and increase the variety of nutrients.

  • Chickpeas, lupins, green peas, lentils and beans are inexpensive. Versatile for everyday use. So, integrate them into your daily schedule. Cook for a long time, consume with vegetables as a side dish or high-quality stew as a main meal. Vacuum pack or freeze in portions. This way, many essential proteins and nutrients are covered. Moreover, you achieve an almost optimal amino acid profile.
  • A small amount of rice, potato, sweet potato side dishes, spices, and herbs. Additionally, increase the enjoyment of meals and serve a beneficial intestinal function. Testing suitable proportions can be helpful. People have different preferences. Food processing is individual and often different for everyone.
  • Keep kernels, seeds, nuts and omega-3-containing. Oils such as linseed oil, algae derivatives or pumpkin seed oil to hand at all times. This can strengthen the brain, increase vitality and life expectancy.
  • Tofu can bring variety to the everyday menu. Paying attention to the quality of the ingredients is essential. One should contact the chosen producer for more detailed information. It would be good if more people sensibly checked the market and thus helped to promote progress. In this way, experts, teachers and staff often benefit.

Organisation and routine control

  • As mentioned above, the general conditions are changing. Not only currency differences or price increases can strain all our budgets. Often more can be achieved with selected tools. Operating in fewer areas can be worthwhile. In other words, having a perfect command of the relevant matters can be an advantage. One thus focuses on quality and does without unnecessary additions to external measures. One can pass on one's own experience for the benefit of others, in the best case, even sell it. With strategic organisation, one often recycles altruistically and gifts in many ways.
  • Innovation or positive changes can occur more if one examines one’s situation and shapes it. Time windows and time-outs can be worked out. Decision-making can be achieved with active, timely and ongoing goal-setting.


  • Things sometimes go differently. It doesn't have to be. We need to remember how to start. Install and test in our so-called standardised and “safe” everyday life. People want to be safe and take as few risks as possible. This has positive aspects. Moreover, it should help active attempts within the most diverse areas.
    Furthermore, in tackling smaller and heftier goals. Inventing, researching, and learning is part of human nature. Often, this is optional outside guidance. At best, a “flash of inspiration” at the right moment can shorten the path to the goal.

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    • Austin B

      It is a good contribution, specially for people who want to start a bussiness, I appreciate these suggestions, very helpful, can it be applied in every spect in life?

      • Frowner

        You might find your own way of doing it.

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