Not all people react in the same way. Still, it is proven that people sleep less well during hot spells. It harms your well-being and can be impaired the following day. One should consider this and try not to go through with “mammoth programmes” on such days by hook or crook. It is no coincidence and has even less to do with laziness. In southern regions, “siesta” is announced over and after midday as a coping example. Shops are open until noon most of the day and remain closed until 4 or 6 p.m. People do their work in the evening. Sometimes late at night and early in the morning.

According to sleep experts, “tropical nights” are harmful. Deep sleep is a pipe dream if the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees at night. Studies have shown that it is often more difficult for people to fall asleep. Also, the waking phases are longer at night. The so-called “REM sleep” is somewhat reduced. People often dream more intensively, and their eye movements are faster. In addition, the heart beats faster.

No wonder, after a “tropical night” in the morning, you feel as if you had drunk the whole night through. To overcome a bad mood, the pace of the day should be adjusted if possible, and urgencies should be checked. Heat waves in these latitudes do not last for months. However, it is customary to be unrested and unable to “call up” one's performance without problems.


It can help rinse your feet and hands with lukewarm water or shower before bed. Cold water is less advisable, as this closes the vessels and reduces the heat transfer to the feet and hands. Studies show that ice-cold drinks can lower body temperature but not promote sleep. On the contrary.

Open windows early in the morning and close them daily: lower roller shutters and blinds. Later in the evening, open them again and open the windows. Leave the bedroom windows open at night. Depending on the location and protection against vermin.

Patience …. the next cold front is sure to come …!

    3 replies to "Reduced sleep quality during heat waves"

    • Ruby

      Can’t sleeping half naked also help with the heat ?

      • Frowner

        Sure.:) But, it depends on more circumstances. You might catch a nasty cold in the wintertime. Fresh air is better than sleeping and choosing the nude option.
        It is better to sleep with clothes around 18 degrees. You might try to leave your feet uncovered.

    • Ana Viane

      we need to plant more trees, that way we don’t feel this heat. Everthough I will consider some of the advices given here, is very difficult to rest when everything is hot!

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