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  • function reveal() { const replay = document.querySelector('.ddpo-replay'); = 'flex'; } window.onload = () => { const replay = document.querySelector('.ddpo-replay'); replay.addEventListener('click', () => { const video = document.querySelector('.ddpo-video'); video.currentTime = […]
  • Figure 1: stepwise behavior in self-supervised learning. When training common SSL algorithms, we find that the loss descends in a stepwise fashion (top left) and the learned embeddings iteratively increase […]

Indoor Gardening

Nutrition & Health

  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is a presentation I did in 2021 at the Luxemburg Animal Rights Conference (it was only published much later). In the talk, I recognize the issues many people in […]
  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is an interview I hosted with Peter Singer at the CARE Conference 2022 in Warsaw. We discussed the state of the animal rights movement, what we need more and […]

Vegan Inspiration

  • by KD Angle Traegner
    Roll out the welcome mat by turning your backyard into a cool, refreshing sanctuary for all. The post How to Help Backyard Wildlife Survive the Heat appeared first on Your […]
  • by KD Angle Traegner
    From veggie burgers to fruit, there’s no shortage of choices for your next plant-powered cookout. The post What to Grill When You’re Not Grilling Meat appeared first on Your Daily […]

Vegan Daily

  • To effortlessly serve up this dish that outshines takeout, the secret is having all your vegetables chopped and prepped. Once you begin cooking, this recipe comes together swiftly, and with […]
  • Oatmeal is a classic breakfast favourite, but if you are pressed for time, you don't want to be standing at a stove, stirring a pot. This creamy, instant oatmeal can […]

Vegan for Lazy Cats

  • by Ania
    And ‘bam’ just like that, winter is coming…can you feel that chill in the air, the sun is low in the sky, and the leaves are starting to swirl in […]
  • by Ania
    Welcome to autumn, with days getting cooler and darker and Christmas trinkets on display in most supermarkets, it’s most certainly here despite me trying to be in denial 🙂 – […]

Health & Aging

  • by Clara Pase
    I live with my husband and 2 children, aged 13 and 9. When I am not working (or ferrying the kids around!) you will mostly find me out… View Article […]
  • by Tegan Kelly
    Tell us about yourself, at the personal level? My name is Mays and I live between London, Mallorca & Ibiza. I love the sunshine, oceans and nature and… View Article […]

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