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  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is a presentation I did in 2021 at the Luxemburg Animal Rights Conference (it was only published much later). In the talk, I recognize the issues many people in […]
  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is an interview I hosted with Peter Singer at the CARE Conference 2022 in Warsaw. We discussed the state of the animal rights movement, what we need more and […]

Vegan Inspiration

  • by KD Angle Traegner
    Roll out the welcome mat by turning your backyard into a cool, refreshing sanctuary for all. The post How to Help Backyard Wildlife Survive the Heat appeared first on Your […]
  • by KD Angle Traegner
    From veggie burgers to fruit, there’s no shortage of choices for your next plant-powered cookout. The post What to Grill When You’re Not Grilling Meat appeared first on Your Daily […]

Vegan Daily

  • French toast can make any morning feel extra special. Pile these toasts high with your favourite toppings, and gobble away!
  • This salad is inspired by the classic Pai Huang Gua, it brings together crunchy cucumbers, roasted peanuts, and spicy chili oil. It's a lively and texturally pleasing salad, perfect as […]

Vegan for Lazy Cats

  • by Ania
    It’s been almost a year since I made any kind of cookies – except my recent oat and raisin cookies (although I actually shot that recipe in early Spring) – […]
  • by Ania
    As American Thanksgiving is less than a week away, I thought I would prepare a show-stopping dessert with this cranberry loving nation in mind – vegan meringue pie with cranberry! […]

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  • When should you use a biologic for psoriasis treatment? Find out how biologic drugs treat psoriasis, and whether one might be right for you.
  • Psoriasis remission means your skin is clear and you no longer need to take medication. Learn the signs of psoriasis remission and how to get there.