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  • function reveal() { const replay = document.querySelector('.ddpo-replay'); = 'flex'; } window.onload = () => { const replay = document.querySelector('.ddpo-replay'); replay.addEventListener('click', () => { const video = document.querySelector('.ddpo-video'); video.currentTime = […]
  • Figure 1: stepwise behavior in self-supervised learning. When training common SSL algorithms, we find that the loss descends in a stepwise fashion (top left) and the learned embeddings iteratively increase […]

Indoor Gardening

Nutrition & Health

  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is a presentation I did in 2021 at the Luxemburg Animal Rights Conference (it was only published much later). In the talk, I recognize the issues many people in […]
  • by Tobias Leenaert
    This is an interview I hosted with Peter Singer at the CARE Conference 2022 in Warsaw. We discussed the state of the animal rights movement, what we need more and […]

Vegan Inspiration

  • by KD Angle Traegner
    Roll out the welcome mat by turning your backyard into a cool, refreshing sanctuary for all. The post How to Help Backyard Wildlife Survive the Heat appeared first on Your […]
  • by KD Angle Traegner
    From veggie burgers to fruit, there’s no shortage of choices for your next plant-powered cookout. The post What to Grill When You’re Not Grilling Meat appeared first on Your Daily […]

Vegan Daily

  • To effortlessly serve up this dish that outshines takeout, the secret is having all your vegetables chopped and prepped. Once you begin cooking, this recipe comes together swiftly, and with […]
  • Oatmeal is a classic breakfast favourite, but if you are pressed for time, you don't want to be standing at a stove, stirring a pot. This creamy, instant oatmeal can […]

Vegan for Lazy Cats

  • by Ania
    Welcome to autumn, with days getting cooler and darker and Christmas trinkets on display in most supermarkets, it’s most certainly here despite me trying to be in denial 🙂 – […]
  • by Ania
    Today’s recipe is a simple yet nourishing salad featuring white navy beans and a bunch of late summer vegetables. While the weather is progressively getting autumnal, we’ve had a few […]

Health & Aging

  • by Clara Pase
    I live with my husband and 2 children, aged 13 and 9. When I am not working (or ferrying the kids around!) you will mostly find me out… View Article […]
  • by Tegan Kelly
    Tell us about yourself, at the personal level? My name is Mays and I live between London, Mallorca & Ibiza. I love the sunshine, oceans and nature and… View Article […]

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