We are putting the focus on the “essential and realisable”. Inspire ourselves and the environment.

Motivation comes and goes. Sometimes, one must muster a different enthusiasm daily at work or amid projects. It is essential to counteract this by carefully considering important decisions. Find appropriate ways of responding in advance. This makes it easier to prepare and adjust to new circumstances and situations.

Which basics lead to a better lifestyle and enjoyment?

  • Promoting a vegan lifestyle improves the quality of life in the long term. More people can be fed. Less farmland, as smaller yields must be spent on farm animals. Water quality improves. Resources generally become more abundant. Diseases of affluence will shrink. Health costs are lower, especially for people of retirement age. Enjoyment does not mean rewarding active leisure activities. Is consuming sweets and food containing bad fat after sports in nature a good idea? Who wants to feel worse after a holiday than before?
  • Fewer sugar products and even fewer sugar substitutes. Consume with discernment. For example, fruits have been bred with a focus on sweetness for a long time. Sugar substitutes, for instance, in energy drinks, significantly reduce the ability to think. It will undoubtedly have negative consequences for decision-making.
  • The highest good is health. What good are dedication, success and wealth if you become or are ill? After diabetes and cancer, modern medicine is often the cause of death. Even before smoking and alcohol consumption. Help yourself to avoid getting caught up in the mills of the health industry. Without a doubt, it is a rewarding recipe.
  • Incorporate mini-workouts into your day, even if only for ten minutes. The more, the better. The effect of several a day lasts longer. It's better than an intensive workout once a week. Avoid taking days off due to too-hard training sessions. It is important to remember that mini-workouts give more energy than they take away.
  • Keep goals in writing and follow them up, as they often cannot be achieved at the first attempt. However, this method increases the chances of actually achieving goals.
  • Understanding meaning, interest, and fundamental enthusiasm for topics. They are prerequisites for sustainable success and generally positively affect daily work. At the same time, one may and should also be honest with oneself and stand by one's ideas.
  • Before a certain level of success is achieved or earnings increase, costs should be kept as low as possible. Flexibility is essential but should not create additional stress. There are also helpful habits in everyday life, and modesty can be a virtue. Advantageous, if not indispensable, is good organisation offline and online.

Frowning focus

Macro is often more interesting than micro. Mini habits, personal initiative, and reflection are central to personal and social careers. The focus on small things in life should always be recovered. Instead, focusing on this supreme discipline is vital. One gains time and motivation to pursue, deepen and realise projects for which one is “on fire”. You might be enthusiastic throughout your whole life in that case. A strategy for success even with constant competitive growth all around. If health is not affected, more competition is, at best, instructive. Competitors' skills and services can be used to advantage in the best case.

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