Sustainable footprint with backward, forward, foresight and eco-friendly living!

“Urban farming” and “vertical farming” can soon replace traditional and soil-intensive agriculture. There will be more space for forest recreation zones. Also, there will be more space for reserves and protection of our elixir of life water. Shortly, we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions drastically. In addition, most societies worldwide want to get away from fossil fuels. Water is not clean and healthy because fish can still barely exist. There is enough evidence that cleanliness and water quality need improvements worldwide. Nobody wants to fight rats like the people in London or New York.

“Sabre rattling” keeps oil and gas markets artificially lucrative. In the packaging sector, oil can already be replaced by many substitutes. Oil substitutes are also feasible in other areas. The price is decisive. The glass price could be lowered if the focus was placed more on “glass packaging”. The fact is that next to production and globalisation, the markets must be addressed. Steering is the issue. Too much control often means a progressive reduction in prosperity. Society's representatives, such as journalists and politicians, do not desire this.

Declining prosperity reduces options, opportunities, perspectives and, above all, guarantees of security. A flourishing economy is in everyone's interest. Instead, the question arises on the type and form of economy. Active participation by consumers and citizens is essential. Nobody wants more sick people due to the wrong diet. Most want to focus on more healthy nutrients, proteins and fats. Healthy nutrition is not a question of budget or taste. Instead, the problem lies in marketing and its influence. Low-sugar products with the sweetener aspartame are often big sellers. Unfortunately, to the detriment of humanity. Aspartame has been proven to be more harmful than sugar in original products. Tobacco and sugar substitute industries claim more lives than the global war effort.

In third place comes modern medicine! Right after cancer and other societal diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Affiliated insurance schemes consider this to be the leading cause of death. Legal protection insurance does not promote the rule of law. Much more, social achievements are even being ignored. Compliant doctors and lawyers are systematically favoured. This is supposed to save costs for the benefit of economic leaders. Only a few can enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. Citizens are thus instructed to consume and work more and more. So it is good if many people find ways to confront the IT systems and control mechanisms critically. The state economy is not a solution. Mature people who shape modern forms of society will have modern communities. They work on their initiative and will have to be more intelligent.

A certain insatiability can be observed in the churches. Where money and power rule, the common good remains unprotected. History shows that where the few decide over the many, mismanagement and greed are close at hand. Likewise, there should be a continuous exchange of leaders. Past decades have shown that many politicians have held on to power for a long time. Often and obviously, no constant changes were sought in the economy or society. This is due to human nature. People stick to habit, tradition and security often regardless of lasting damage. For example, it is not easy to change to a low-sugar diet. To part with favourite products and foods. Many incentives lead to the right choices in the long and short term.

According to vegan economists, water-rich nations could go from food importers to exporters. With robotics, automation and the corresponding technology, even in the short term. Globalisation will also increase the related possibilities via AI. It will be crucial to train more health economists who can look at the situation and examine it. An active society needs to bring its observations into multi-layered contexts. Then, could you market them? Thus, every community needs responsible people who work on their opinions and conclusions. Many people owe a comfortable life to some thought leaders and opinion formers. It is even better to think along, steer along and cooperate. Explore independently how many “rats rule the underground”.

Consequently, the best concepts are only helpful if we implement them. No one benefits sustainably from absurd wage structures. Nor in every case from large corporations or VAT-exempt industries. And actors from the state sector who want to avoid taking responsibility. Profit is not harmful per se. Nevertheless, permanent self-control and daily decisions require courage and common sense. Less is often more. Less wealth, for example, and energy scarcity could have positive effects. For instance, fewer overheated homes have positive impacts on health. It leads to an improved ability to think with increased productivity. More agility and knowledge enhance the decision-making competence.

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