Living healthily and actively growing older

The automation and optimisation serving humanity primarily led to goods distribution. Unfortunately, only a few people benefit from this. A company with greedy leaders should shape the future and be friendly to people. So, it is not without danger when central banks print more and more money. This results in busier days and depending on misunderstood kindness. Also, promises of high pay and reasonable provisions. With changes and flexibility, healthy retirees can work longer.

How can someone make the most of their life by improving their health, wealth, and knowledge?

The focus here is on promoting entrepreneurship, which includes self-employment and independence.

Also, the way to a basic income is an intact, religiously independent school system.

This would be possible to a large extent within the economy, but it still needs to be given more focus.

All sides could benefit. Example: Relief for social security funds. VAT (consumer taxation) revenues could be increased, and wage ratios minimised. From an economic point of view, this kind of individualism would be the ideal solution.

To secure the AHV (Swiss welfare and social insurance system), there is no need for “migrant imports” but rather a reduction of the density stress. Robotics, AI and many innovations require permanent monitoring and knowledge. Steering should focus on finding solutions and supporting motivated specialists in the country. The one-dimensional economy cannot be the goal. Instead, personal commitment, conscientious work and broad-based skills.

Last but not least, a certain lateral thinking is expected. With such perspectives, some worry about their status and position. They also want to make money fast. This often causes imperfect markets, aggressive selling, and fear of competition. One vision would be that teachers would and could act as entrepreneurs simultaneously. They would have to use their financial resources. Only some things are detrimental within all economic and state structures. Politics, the state economy, and financial management often have too many incentives. This can harm society in the long run.

How can these realities and tendencies be counteracted?

  • With a redimensioning of meat consumption. A vegan lifestyle. By redesigning food exports from water-rich countries to counteract waves of migration.
  • Addiction prevention is also within a more favourable design of sugary products.
  • Unfortunately, many so-called “zero products” contain unhealthy, especially brain-damaging sugar substitutes.
  • With the consumption of beneficial fats and proteins.
  • Daily fasting periods (longer breaks from eating). In addition, their positive effects on weight in general and ageing activity.
  • Active renunciation (well documented several times) is one of the most effective measures.
  • With the courage to say “no” and a personal commitment to the well-being of others. People who know how to stay healthy as they age make choices that bring them joy and energy.

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