Taking care of the body’s purification system

Kidneys need warmth. It is not without reason that motorcyclists, for example, wear a kidney belt. It is advisable to protect the kidney area in summer and winter. Vests are an issue. Sleeping naked is generally a problem because you don't notice when and where your body gets cold. Tying a light jumper around your waist in rooms with air-conditioning is advisable. Even in summer and refrain from consuming drinks from the fridge.

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The apple (malus domestic) – a fruit that has a long history, is healthy and offers a wide range of culinary options

The apple tree, which comes from the rose family, is now one of the native precious woods. However, it originally came from Central and West Asia. The apple reached northern Europe from Italy during the campaigns of the Romans around 100 BC. Apples were cultivated in Europe as early as the first century AD but remained a "luxury" fruit until modern times. This is demonstrated by both the symbolism attached to them throughout history and their mystical status in fairy tales.

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