Keep your belt tight enough.

“using resources more sparingly” means “the belt cannot be tightened enough”. However, when it comes to personal health, a tightly buckled trouser belt is unhealthy.

What women, in particular – in the Victorian era – didn't have to put up with. Tightly laced robes were part of good style when the rage corsets were al. Breathing problems, curved bones and even miscarriages were often the result.

Clothing has become more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are always fashion trends. Such as skin-tight jeans, which, in the worst case, can lead to health problems.

When sitting, a tight belt, in particular, puts pressure on the stomach. This can result in circulatory and even digestive problems. Furthermore, it can unpleasantly impact the quality of life. For example, the digestive process is delayed. Skirts or trousers can constrict the abdominal area. This leads to flatulence, stomach pressure and even stomach pain. In the worst case, clothing that is too tight can even restrict the sphincter muscle of the stomach.
Moreover, it allows stomach acid to leak into the oesophagus. It results in gastro-oesophageal reflux. This is characterised by a burning sensation and itching in the chest and throat.

Trousers that are too tight can also cause circulatory problems. This restricts the return flow of blood to the heart. In addition, it can favour the development of varicose veins. The restriction of movement caused by tight clothing is also torture for the joints.

A pinching trouser or skirt waistband also makes it impossible to sit upright. Experts repeatedly refer to back pain due to poor, bent sitting posture.

Breathing can also be linked to external factors. For example, constriction caused by clothing can disrupt the breathing process.

Overweight people, in particular, suffer from excessive constriction caused by incorrectly chosen clothing. For example, concealing excess weight by wearing too tight belts can have consequences.

Change sweaty, tight and non-breathable clothes as quickly as possible. In particular, after strenuous training sessions, it is also advisable.

Clothes and society

The influencing factors when buying clothes are often profession, industry or occasion. The effect of clothing on the environment should be considered. After all, fashion is part of social life. However, personal values should not be disregarded. The dangers of excessively tight clothing affect everyone equally. It may be worth considering health factors.

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