Sustainable and prosperous learning and implementation

Our project started a few years ago. Time resources were often scarce. Nevertheless, the vision and goals were clearly defined. Long-term planning affected the will to persevere and helped establish a market presence. Inspiring content and differentiation made attracting a readership with lasting interest possible. “Practice makes perfect!” good masters learn daily, plan and maintain their freedom.

Tackle the topic of nutrition at an early stage.

It is worth tackling the topic of nutrition early in life. For example, “milk days” at primary school and snack machines with sweets are not the way forward. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and cigarettes also tempt young people. Low-nutrient diets, sugar and especially sugar substitutes should be an issue.

Many alternatives are or will be on the market.

Soon, meat sales will decline or are already falling. The topic here will be pervasive arguments favouring a healthy lifestyle and displacement. Traditions will change in line with the times. Also, for health's sake, they will not simply disappear. Habits should remain something special. For example, concerts in less ear-damaging surroundings could become more popular again. They become engaging and reduce the importance of impersonal large-scale events.

Sport and leisure should be uplifting and not stressful.

Healthy sporting competitions can be inspiring and refreshing. However, it can be harmful when it requires substances beyond strength over the long term. For protein supplements, the adverse side effects are similar to sugar or alcohol. The best basketball players work hard on specific skills such as agility. They are perfect at deceiving opponents. Reaching their goal with lightning speed and various options. Older players are better at assessing situations. Thanks to their experience, they can create opportunities for themselves and others. Flexibility is good, but a few “precision tools” decide between victory and defeat. Strong players do not end their careers early because they have to, but rather by choice and of their own free will. They often continue to play the sport in moderation. They also pass on knowledge, combining other disciplines for the rest of their lives.

Magic words such as motivation, enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge

Goals are achieved with sustained motivation and a thirst for knowledge. Who wouldn't want to be an “inventor, discoverer, founder or originator”? Creatively designing new things is the balm for body and soul. However, it is often said that only a few individuals do it. Nevertheless, at the right time, every idea can, in the best case, achieve great things. Many companies value and even honour feedback or concept proposals. People are generous, not least in their interests. The art is to use altruism and a way of thinking and acting. It could be characterised by consideration for others correctly or even successfully. There are no standardised life plans for this, but rather good moments.

Where do the best ideas come from?

Ideas are based on the interplay of work, reflection and the expansion of knowledge. Basic security is necessary. Above all, we need responsible and far-sighted companies. Employees want to think for themselves and are independent with their training. Earlier business management concepts have lost validity in the military or service sectors. In promoting simplicity, society is weakened. Instead, taxpayers should finally be recognised again as service providers. Who wouldn't want cleaner, emission-free cities and urban centres? To achieve this goal, we need free markets. Farms will adapt to the spirit of the times. Global demographics can operate in line with demand with minimal direct payments. Animal factories harm both the environment and the health of all living beings. Economic all-round profit is the issue here. Which country would want to avoid importing high-quality fruit, salad and vegetable varieties? Why not underground, vertical or even urban farms? For example, mountain water vegetables (gentle filtering) or tested spring water fruits. Produced with the latest scientific findings could be better launched. Finally, forest zones were recognisable more often on the map again.


Discipline involves purpose, the why or intrinsic, natural motivation and enthusiasm. Society or the printing press should support the ability and will to research.

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