I wish to go through life with plenty of energy. This wish not only provides me with motivation for leading a healthy life but also for writing. I would like to inspire readers of this blog to, for example, find a new source of power in healthy nutrition. In principle I write about any topic which engages or interests me.

Success and joie de vivre often go hand in hand with change. In the first phase of my evolution I chose to implement simple, manageable strategies which were geared towards making positive improvements. In time this can lead to the development of complex ideas.

Some of the key themes addressed in this blog are fasting, sleep hygiene, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. I believe the setting of goals to be a consistently crucial aspect. The topics of the articles are chosen and arranged in a diverse manner.

One of the objectives of this blog is to help others to make a fresh start – for example, after a crisis. I wish to give people encouragement and open their eyes to different perspectives. However, the focus is not solely on positive aspects. Instead, it will be demonstrated that failures can offer valuable insights into the reasons why crises may come about.

Personally, putting myself under pressure and believing that I needed to be successful in the short-term got me nowhere. For this reason I now concentrate on long-term, worthwhile projects. This blog is one example. While it requires much effort and research, a lot of enthusiasm also goes into its making. In my opinion it is possible to change one's views essentially overnight, or at least some of them. Significant lifestyle changes such as a change of diet or period of fasting require time, effort, willpower and resilience. I often make reference to the “why?” question or the meaning behind one's actions. Ever since I began to concern myself with the meaning of life and the many “why?” questions, a new, exciting and healthy path opened up for me. For many years now I have viewed health as invariably more important than material success.

Fundamentally, this is a blog which, while providing some form of personal therapy, above all attempts to provide an avenue for communication and the exchange of experiences, mindsets and discoveries which are trailblazing and purposeful. An experiment. It is not a channel for perfect articles or videos but rather a platform for ideas and exchange.