Herb, asparagus and parsnip soup with ginger and roasted chickpeas

Sometimes vegetables are left in the fridge after an invitation. Pre-prepared in the best case. These can be used to create delicious, healthy soups without much effort.

Example: five white asparagus, three small parsnips, a piece of ginger, parsley and chives.

Fill a medium-sized pan three-quarters full with water and add a teaspoon of sea salt. Cut the trimmed asparagus into pieces. Finely slice the parsnips and ginger. Add to the pan. Wash three to four bunches of flat-leaf or curly parsley with the same chives and add to the pan. Cook until soft and finely chop with a hand blender. Add a heaped tablespoon of vegetable bouillon powder, a bay leaf and chilli flakes to taste and simmer. Stir occasionally and season with a few dashes of soya sauce as required.

Serve with roasted chickpeas (e.g. Coop Karma) and coarsely ground black pepper.

Afterwards or with a

Roughly shredded carrot salad marinated in fresh orange juice on an iceberg lettuce leaf and rocket garnished with pumpkin seeds and roasted chickpeas.

A few slices of Parmesan cheese shaved with a peeler also go well with the rocket (Parmesan cheese is also available as a vegan option).

If possible, prepare, wash, and roughly grate the carrots the evening before (rösti grater). Depending on the quantity, squeeze one or two oranges (fruit of the gods), add them, and toss. Leave the grated carrots in a sealed glass or aluminium container in the fridge overnight. Rinse the rocket in apple cider vinegar water and dry well. Garnish with pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas, olives, fresh pineapple slices, and a few berries.

Goes well with

“Grandma's asparagus sauce dream”.

Mix two to three finely chopped spring onions, washed parsley and chives (two bunches each) with five tablespoons of mustard mayonnaise, as much vegan, lightly sweetened whipped cream and a heaped tablespoon of black pepper (coarsely ground).

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