Chickpeas are perfect for delicious snacks

Thanks to its many nutrients, a daily cup of pulses instead of meat is good for your health. Various studies have even shown that pulses can have a life-prolonging effect.

Chickpeas are rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and healthy fats.

One hundred grams of dried chickpeas contains around fifteen grams, half the daily fibre requirement.

Chickpeas are a powerhouse of dietary fibre. They play a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels, protecting the blood vessels, and aiding digestion. This fibre also swells, making you feel full more quickly, which can help in weight management. Regular consumption of this legume can significantly reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes, making it a smart choice for your health.

Preparing chickpeas is simple and rewarding. They are soaked overnight and boiled in water enriched with sea salt for around twenty minutes. A sprinkle of chilli flakes can add a hint of spice if desired. This easy preparation method ensures that you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of chickpeas without any hassle.

Both whole and pureed chickpeas, which have a slightly nutty flavour, can be used in various ways. Chickpea flour is also becoming increasingly popular in European cuisines.

Humus, flatbread, and chickpea balls such as falafel are well-known meat substitutes.

The high-quality vegetable proteins, iron, and B vitamins suit the nervous system. They also contain potassium, which can be helpful for high blood pressure.

Chickpeas are primarily grown in India, North Africa, and southeast Europe. The bush plant requires sandy, relatively dry soil and plenty of warmth.

Chickpeas must be cooked and are not suitable for eating raw.

We recommend preparing them with parsley, thyme, a slightly pretentious effect and rosemary to counteract the.

Chickpeas also make an excellent snack.

After cooking in sea salt water and a little chilli pepper or ginger, the chickpeas are drained in a sieve and then tossed in a pan with vegetable oil. Place baking paper on a baking tray and spread the chickpeas on it. Sprinkle with rosemary needles and place in the oven. Set to 220° and bake for about fifteen minutes. If you like the chickpeas hard, leave the tray in the oven for longer.

The cooked chickpeas can also be baked or roasted in the oven without adding any oil.

Raw vegetables such as parsnips, cucumbers, carrots in all colours, fennel, avocado, and peppers go well with this dish, as do dried apricots and berries, either fresh or briefly soaked in water.

A sauce made from a mixture of vegan mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce with parsley and chives or a guacamole.

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