Ligurian flatbread with rosemary – focaccia

Sauté one finely chopped onion in olive oil and a tablespoon of whiskey and add finely chopped frozen spinach. Next, add 200 ml of water mixed with 1 level tablespoon of fat-free Morga bouillon powder, some pepperoncini and two bay leaves and simmer. Drain and allow to cool in the colander. Place on a kitchen towel and remove the bay leaves. Spread another handful of frowner's focaccia dough out on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Prick with a fork and brush with olive oil. Add 3-4 finely chopped tomato slices to the dough. Top with a few rosemary needles. Add the spinach (to a height of 1.5 cm) using a spoon and leave some space around the edges. Lay the finely cut mozzarella slices on top of the spinach, sprinkle with pizza seasoning and brush with olive oil.

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