Considering current energy pricing, a small chest freezer (for 1-4 people) would cost about CHF 40 in annual energy expenses. If used for more than just storing finished products, a chest freezer is a sound investment that pays off in many ways over the course of a year. 

For example, a person can save up to CHF 6000 per year on food if they don't constantly buy and consume ready-made products. Even with minimal knowledge, a healthier lifestyle is attainable without having to sacrifice enjoyment. If you are well-organised, meal preparation does not necessarily take up valuable time. And if the occasion requires it, a pre-made salad or a quick meal is not so terrible. 

Fewer intake of heavily processed foods promotes health, which in turn boosts your daily performance. Additionally, by regularly doing meal preparation, you can save an average of CHF 3000 per year and possibly even up to CHF 6000. 

And so, we can draw the following conclusions: 

  • Long-term consumption of highly-processed instant meals costs up to CHF 6000 per person additionally per year. 
  • By consuming sugary snacks moderately, you can save up to CHF 3000 and put that money toward travel, further education, etc. 
  • When done consistently and on a regular basis, meal preparation is fun and ultimately saves time, is cost-efficient, and allows you flexibility. Hence, a thoughtful examination of your personal nutritional needs helps you live a healthy lifestyle. 

“Beer and wine, I'd rather not touch them” is easier said than done! 

Just like excessive media consumption, stimulants can lead to addiction, whether gradually or rapidly (see related post below, “Become a Non-smoker”). 

Here are simple tips on how to resist temptation: 

  • Define your “why”. Set realistic but challenging goals.  For instance, losing ten kilograms significantly helps you gain more energy for other exciting areas of life. 
  • Conscious and intentional mindfulness: less is more! This means that you can enjoy more of the special things that have been taken for granted. The ability to say “no” and being able to do what benefits and suits you are skills that can also be applied in other areas of life. 
  • Do not permanently store finished products, like beer and wine, in your home. Buy them only for social events or get-togethers with friends, and even then, “less is more.” 
  • Do cardio daily, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) often, and strength training every now and then as these exercises improve cognitive abilities. The key here is the growth hormone BDNF. It goes without saying that doing them leads to better concentration and self-control, which significantly enhances your everyday life. 
  • Fasting can even increase the positive outcomes described above. Your body is able to regenerate itself even more efficiently. Your complexion improves even if you occasionally eat sweets, and fasting helps you learn the importance of regular water intake. 
  • Frowner has put the above-mentioned advice into practice and rapidly attained the desired weight. 

Keep in mind that every day counts! 

After just a few months, the world looks different, and your budget will increase. 

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