Saving – easier than earning?

How to save in an efficient, profitable and healthy way?

Drink only boiled water and, at most, tea for three months.

Nettle, ginger and occasionally green tea help in many ways. Among other things, nettle regulates water balance and elimination. Also, ginger has a positive effect on intestinal health and disinfects. Example: Skin condition and purification. The beneficial ingredients are well documented. Fresh, finely chopped ginger slices enhance the influence of ginger tea. Being self-prepared and controlled has advantages. At least you are responsible if something goes wrong. Tip: Boil water and, if possible, use a high-quality filter.

Consistent pre-cooking and stews with follow-on menus

Lentil, millet, oat, quinoa and vegetable hashes provide a versatile and healthy diet. The key is to store them, such as freezing, vacuuming and, if possible, keeping them in glass bowls. There are many ways of preparing them. Serving with salads, potatoes and meat substitutes such as tofu is common.

You could prepare stews with vegetables into protein-rich pasta sauce. Apple cider vinegar and herbs are a welcome taste enhancement and addition. Healthwise, it makes an essential contribution to intestinal activity and health in general.

Sell your car and avoid public transport if possible

Save on petrol, insurance and fees. In addition, get more exercise. Good planning and appropriate economic behaviour are possible for many people. Increase personal time management and well-being. There is no need to rush to the petrol pump or wait out overcrowded train carriages. The exchange of viruses and bacteria can take place less.

Shop online, keep appointments, and share your office with others.

Obviously, people are more effective when shopping online. Many calculate better and are less likely to make impulse purchases. So you plan and buy more estimated. The motto is less often but prepared more, saving packaging and transport costs. Synergy effects in office sharing can even promote collaboration. Making more of an effort and more security could be among the positive results. According to current guidelines, documentation is the order of the day. It makes office sharing more doable.

Furthermore, it increases your resources for the crucial things in life. Online appointments can sometimes become more advantageous when you take notes. Note that chatting only can be enough. You can go through the chats afterwards in peace. To work through the various points in a concentrated and precise manner is a time saver.

Do not constantly work on emails.

Leave only essential emails. Routine deletion and appropriate filing are helpful. This saves time, and the client's personal information is immediately visible and processed faster. It is, therefore, a unique system improvement. Example: internal email address filing, email address filing for different purposes. Linking personal account management and a permanent check saves time and money. The extra effort for the organisation is justified. It is about saving money and the potential for improving personal security and efficiency. At best, about sixty per cent of email traffic can be shifted to secure chats. These are even more controllable and, at best, can facilitate collaboration.

Making texts and external communication audible

High-quality AI generators, so-called generative AI, make briefings, summaries, books or articles audible. This is often sufficient; you can sell or use the audio on social networks. Readers absorb and process information better during exercise and sports. It is easier on the eyes, and there is less screen time. Which stakeholder group would not like to have more options and save time? It is good if you do not have unnecessary efforts. It could help to work through one task after the other and to ask yourself now and then about priorities. Which jobs are only optional? What can be completed or even automated? What can I do on my own without external help? Is less quantity detrimental to quality? What is the cost-benefit ratio?

Can you achieve more with less?

Is it worthwhile to increase the quality of your personal output? You may place it on different channels, such as video and audio. More languages could be a consideration. Many people answer this question in the affirmative. However, from a personal perspective, this question is a two-sided sword. More is often more regarding evidence, chronological documentation, and emotional skills! One works efficiently by becoming faster and inevitably writing more. “Practice makes perfect”, and this is for life. One can find access to many worlds through writing. Likewise, crucial details are easier to filter when you describe a problem in many ways. Most people find clarity in doing. Be it talking, writing, working or exchanging with others.

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    • Kevin Farith

      Uh! I have never considered saving this way, wery interesting this perspective, less is more, eventhough doing this changes seem to be difficult to achieve because of my way of iving but not impossible.

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