There's a red and white suser again! Stirnrunzler's rosemary pumpkin rings with olives and date tomatoes. They go well with any aperitif.

Wash a small pumpkin (butternut), peel and rinse again. Cut into rings (1.5 cm). Remove the seeds. Toss in a bowl briefly with extra virgin olive oil. Place on cloth. Sprinkle heavily on both sides with pizza spice (Stedy) and chilli flakes. Place on a baking tray and top with plenty of fresh or dried rosemary. Bake at 220° bottom and top heat for about 20 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the rings in the oven for another quarter of an hour.

Wash and dry the date tomatoes and serve with the olives on the baked pumpkin rings. Tree nuts and a few grapes enrich the fine aperitif in any case. It also pairs well with Stirnrunzler's corn chips with cheddar. (see and / recipes).

First, bake the pumpkin rings in the oven. Meanwhile, prepare the corn chips. Remove the pumpkin rings briefly from the oven. Bake the corn chips for just under seven minutes. Turn off the oven and put the pumpkin rings back in.

Everything is ready for a cosy get-together.

    9 replies to "Spicy pumpkin rings and slices with rosemary"

    • Raynelle Markowicz

      Lovely recipe! I’d definitely try it out. However, what about those with cases of severe nut allergies. Is there a way out ?

      • Frowner

        Most nut allergies are because of specific nuts. I would start with only some nuts. I do buy the inexpensive option that benefits me.
        There are also many lies around. An issue could be more complex, and you only need a simple tweak to make it work.

    • Zoe

      Can the pumpkin rings be smoke or just lightly heated in a pan?

      • Frowner

        Again, I recommend the braising option first. Cooking in water, steaming, or braising is better than backing, frying or roasting.

    • Zoe

      Can the pumpkin rings be smoked or just lightly heated in a pan?

      • Frowner

        I have yet to try that. Thank you for this question. I would braise the pumpkin first.

    • Ayo

      It will sure taste nice

    • Nina

      It really looks delicious, might actually test it out

    • [email protected]

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