The social problem of obesity – inject it away?

Obesity has a wide range of consequences. It can lead to heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Overweight and obesity have become common in Switzerland and many other countries. This is because people need to understand the consequences of being prosperous. The rising cost of health insurance is a big problem for the health system. Many people are talking about it.

Being overweight dramatically increases the risk of getting diseases. Examples are heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The percentage of overweight adults in Switzerland has stayed at about 42% for the past few years. Eleven per cent of them are obese. Fifteen per cent of children are also overweight or obese.

People with obesity are often stigmatised. Too little exercise and overeating are the reasons. However, obesity is a chronic disease that requires appropriate treatment. As early as 2008, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared obesity a disease.

Ozempic weight loss injection?

Ozempic is a widespread diabetes drug. People talk about it a lot. Also, primarily because the injection is increasingly used as a diet drug. Amidst the euphoria, side effects have been less of an issue.

Swiss companies are now actively participating in this boom. Novartis and Roche are not currently developing a relevant drug. However, they are collaborating with Novo Nordisk in the packaging sector. This collaboration will help sustainably support their growth strategy.

Since Ozempic was approved as a drug in the USA in 2017, there seems to be a gold-rush atmosphere.

Lately, many diabetes patients can't quickly get Ozempic because it's in high demand.

The question is whether this is the solution and the future for overweight people. Would changing your lifestyle and diet be more sustainable than getting injections?

A healthy diet is more costly but, in any case, more beneficial. Exercise strengthens the joy and energy of life as well as cognitive abilities. Habits can be changed and trained. Sometimes, it's uncomfortable, but it's good for you and satisfies you. Not least because relapses are rarer if carried out consistently and adhered to. Side effects are also always in the positive range! Visit for health tips and explanations. Work on living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Relax and inform yourself with the corresponding videos on the blog.

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    4 replies to "The social problem of obesity – inject it away?"

    • Lea Rodriguez

      It is important for every citizen to know their options, specially with this issue, people are mom longer taking care of their health, there is no consciousness about eating and dieting, for that reason information like this one should be spreaded all over the world so people consider this kind of injection but compromising themselves to follow a diet or something helpful for their overweight syntoms

    • Emma G

      people should need to learn how to eat healthy, it is difficult for some people to avoid junk food, that leads to overweight. Speacially now we have a lot to learn on the web.

    • Peace Michael

      Well, for everything in this life has disadvantage and an advantage, in my opinion, the best thing to do is to control ones diet, that’s exercising which can be (anaerobic and aerobic) choose the one that’s best for you, remember consistency is the key!.
      Fruits too should be inculcated in our diet.
      For how long will you keep injecting yourself just to reduce weight, we all know it’s expensive, why not choose the easier route?
      Another important suggestion is we all should check our weight from time to time and our body mass index, this is important so we don’t exceed our body mass index, leading to obesity.

      Information like this should be shared really, it’ll go a long way.

      • Frowner

        Certainly, fats & protein should be considered, as well as regular movement. We focus on having more energy from exercising. It is for every person different.
        Motivation is good but temporary. How do you achieve consistency over five years and beyond?

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