Convenience or how can you integrate movement in everyday life? These are questions that we should ask ourselves and work on implementing.

Anyone involved in team sports or large projects knows that a harmonious process in training, in the game or within the organisation, like in a successful band or a well-rehearsed orchestra, is needed.

Caution and attentiveness

For example, overview, running routes, exchange of positions, speed, scoring rate, or even one show element can inspire an audience on the basketball court. You must work harder to create valuable opportunities if the opponent is good or even more vital. In other words, develop the desired scenario without losing too many resources by avoiding leaving the playing field to opponents.

Whether you are a beginner, a returning player, or a professional player – it pays to have an economic strategy. It is useless if you must quit again after two months of motivated and committed playing time! Especially in the amateur sector, there are far too many injuries, and you need to train more to perform professional moves or frequent jumps. It is not so much the knowledge or the possibilities of generous compensation that need to improve; more is the focus in everyday life, not the professional area.

Goals, planning, strategy

Even so, you can achieve many results with a mindful incremental strategy. It is advisable to put risk management first and take economic planning on and off the pitch. Training one to three times a day is worthwhile; intensive training usually should occur three to five times a week. Cardio training and many exercise sessions suit everyone and increase cognitive abilities. The balancing effects allow daily work to be calmer. Achieving more with continuity means you can still be in power-play mode for several months. You learn the most from challenging situations and implement the lessons in your long-term strategy.

Keep at it

You have to reconsider goals now and then, but it is still worth focusing on completing projects. Sometimes, it is more effective to put “dead-end projects” on hold for a few months and finish them later. Often only a few pieces of the puzzle must be included for success. Luck belongs to the brave. Active entrepreneurs, sportsmen and sportswomen or musicians likely achieve their goals by exercising the necessary patience and, finally, finding the decisive input for the desired success. Sometimes also in the “step by step principle”. In the process, unexpected paths can open up. Previous thought patterns become superfluous, with their values and successful personal behaviours being able to be further incorporated.

Analysis and reflection

It can be worthwhile to make notes every day. What should the focus be on within the current week or month? Where do you want to be in a year, in five years? What is the vision, passion, and mission? Who do you want to be, and what do you want to achieve? How could you combine and develop strengths, and how could you even use personal weaknesses to your advantage? Write down, describe and write to others. Leave no questions, messages or feedback unanswered, even if the stakeholders could not be more different. Independence requires a lot of control work. Sometimes it becomes too much to do everything. Besides, outsourcing is often more costly and risky than seeking one's way. This does not mean that well-managed outsourcing and partner evaluation are unimportant.

So, focusing and keeping on core competencies must always be in sight. Which daily activities bring the most benefits in the long run? Could one already be successful currently and without extra effort?

Active work on personal goals, exercise and nutrition are basics you cannot leave out throughout your life. Take care to achieve goals with low-impact moves. This way, high-impact “risk jumps “or executing complex direction changes more and with less detriment. It takes knowledge, preparation and training. Less can sometimes be more.

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    • Jr Llou

      I agree, and I think discipline plays the most important roles when you to achive your goals.

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