• Less online; turn off router or LTE. This creates free space and helps with security. If necessary, plan offline days. Which processes are more efficient offline or can save screen time?

  • What currently brings added value? Which measures are crucial for my business, my career, my private life, and my health in the long term? How can I work on them weekly or even daily?

  • What priorities do I set in everyday life? Which tasks can be completed immediately and without problems? What investment, change or timing is time-saving or significantly helpful? It can be beneficial to set down your strategy in writing from time to time or to rethink it.

  • Define and complete a few critical tasks each week. This creates confidence and promotes the will to do more. These essential “pillars” are crucial. You need a system that fits your personal skills and knowledge network. This requires flexibility, change and the courage to try something new. The wheel is rarely reinvented. So less is often more advantageous. There is more time for the essentials and the focus on important goals.

  • Less screen time is crucial for many people. However, this is usually more complex than one might think. One's actions should be concretised, reflected on by hand and prepared in text form. Listen to the media news, not watch it. Not daily. Listen to books and read only the essentials. Manage or automate social media once a week. Avoid TV several days a week. Focus on personal goals. Work on them every day and sharpen the focus accordingly.

  • Combine exercise and sport with learning. Especially with practice or training, there are better phases to absorb information. They are processed in a solution-oriented way. Interval training is good for losing weight. It brings body and mind into different spheres. It is a chance for conscious reflection. To revisit thoughts written down and, if necessary, to optimise them. Generative AI notes can be audited. And, if necessary, even shared with the community. As is well known, the best ideas come from running.

  • Enjoyment is allowed. However, happiness decreases with high frequency. So what is unnecessary and can be deleted from the calendar? The focus should be on essential topics and matters with subsequent added value. The best companies increase value by improving products and increasing the benefits for diverse stakeholders. Even minimal growth requires more than the acceptance of idle time. But also commitment. In principle, one is always with opportunities. This way, optimisation can be achieved by learning from mistakes or sluggish times. One finds the decisive input to increase security and output. Serve the market, and invest more time in essential matters and topics.

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    • Giam Marcel

      I love this, sometimes we take situations for granted and our attention is no longer on what really matters. You need to be aware about your own situation and follow this syggestions your live can improve.

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      Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

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        There are many uncomplicated options to contact us. Thank you!

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