Starting points

Reduce carbohydrate content, and cut portions into thirds. Consume fewer potatoes, rice, bread, starchy, or processed foods such as cereals or bars. Make sure to include it ultimately, in any case. Fruits and foods containing sugar and starch are treats for the palate. Both rice and cheese help to close the stomach. However, it is not a daily necessity. A few days a week is fine, but breaks are essential. Choose a strategy you can pull through for three months – every change and every practised routine benefits everyday life in the long term.

Does this raise questions about personal lifestyle, goals, behaviour, health-promoting, and economic behaviour?

Stews: Vegetables, lentils, potatoes, chickpeas, various trimmings and seasonings can be combined in many ways and are easy to prepare. Tip: use a large pan, even in a single household, portion the stew and freeze. With creativity, you can eat healthy and varied food for several days, saving money and time, such as tofu, salad or hummus side dishes. For instance, cauliflower can be prepared in many different ways. Inspirations at Cauliflower gently cooked in the oven or cauliflower pizza.

Fasting cures are a highly recommended form of detoxification and “body cleansing”. Practice and experience are essential. It is best to stick to the “rules of fasting”. Two litres of nettle tea a day would be a good start. The complexion will improve. Those who drink more water eat less. Detoxification is self-explanatory, with many exercises even more efficient. It takes self-discipline and control, but also personal motivation. Anyone who integrates more significant drinking into everyday life does not lose working time. The fact is that cell regeneration can be improved in this way.

Growth hormone and BDNF can easily be incorporated into personal health strategies. However, one must not be deceived. Only some things that look good are healthy in the long term. Blood values but also the inner voice often provide valuable clues.

Personal perception also has limits. In hectic everyday life, focusing and concentrating on everything is often impossible. It is often necessary to correct oneself. It raises questions such as keeping things in order, going through processes or implementing time-consuming tasks. So, what is needed and still feasible?

Work that is well organised has many positive aspects: think of the saying “work makes you free”. But work can also be fun, enriching and very interesting. Getting new inspiration every day helps. Switching to idleness now and then and paying attention to inner peace is essential and a good idea.

Helpful, simple routines

Consume enough omega-3 fatty acids. The ratio to omega six should match. For example, nuts, linseed oil, and algae products generally consider which products contain omega 3. B vitamins (B6) for vegans. B vitamins are plentiful in many foods and beverages. More is often consumed. Focusing on what is necessary and letting the body rest for a bit might be helpful. When you overstimulate, you always need more. However, less is often more and also reduces costs.

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